Considering the white, half long fur coat a Maremma has, he needs very little grooming. Of course you can give him a nice brush to take out the loose and dead hairs, but the coat does not tend to become entangled. Washing should be avoided or limited. The skin/coat contains a greasy layer, so sand and dirt will fall out of the coat all by itself. When you wash your dog very often, this layer will be washed away and the dog will become dirtier every time. 
When the dog is outside most of the time, in winter he will develop a thick undercoat, that will moult in spring. In autumn the dog will moult again, but not as much as in spring. Never shave a Maremma ! His coat is insulating for both heat and cold ! 

In this picture you can see the insulating mechanism of the Maremma's double coat


We use a blowdryer for our dogs. We both tought them to get used to the blowdryer when they were puppies and they both love it ! 



The Maremma is - for his size - not a big eater. They are usually not very demanding and don't gulp.