Fidati di me


Our kennel name is  "Fidati di me", which means (in Italian) : trust/have trust in me ! With their huge drive to protect their owner, these dogs certainly earn a name like this ! Apart from that, of course, they can also always trust us to make sure their lives are good, lacking nothing and they are very much loved !

And last but certainly not least, you, as a potential new owner of a Maremma puppy, can trust us to do everything to make your life with your new companion as perfect as possible !


When we were brainstorming about our kennel name, one of Snow/Vici's breeders' dogs had a litter. In this litter was a puppy which the breeder named " FidaRti di me" (current name : Marie). This name appealed to us very much, so after consulting the breeder we decided to use this name as our kennel name. 


Fidarti di me - Marie


Our beautiful logo (with Snow and Vici as the stars of the show) was designed by Roger Numan, a successful French artist. All credits to him !