Snow (Briciolo di Speranza Parcodaini)


(Jon) Snow was born on January 7,  2017 at a Dutch breeder, Eline Jagtenberg (Parcodaini). Sire is Don Giovanni Transumante, dam is Pastore Transumante Olimpia. Eline gave him a good start and a beautiful name :  "Briciolo di Speranza Parcodaini" ("A sparkle of hope"). We named him Jon Snow (named after The King of the North in Game of Thrones). 

Snow is our first Maremma, which of course makes him special. He is a very affectionate dog, sweet and very photogenic (that's why he already modelled for a.o. an advertising campaign). He is also protective and would take a bullet for us ! To strangers he is rather aloof, but when they take time to get to know him and make sure they are no threat to us in any way, he will probably sit on your lap after some time (which can be a problem with a +60 kg dog !).

Snow entered in a few International dog shows (1 x promising, 1 x very good, 2 x excellent). Unfortunately, his hip scores didn't turn out good enough for breeding. Snow was neutered in April 2018.