Is a Maremma a suitable dog for me ?


We added this chapter because we think it is very important to do good research before getting a dog, in this case a Maremma. A dog has a life span of 10 to 15 years, so he will be your companion in life for a long period ! 


Apart from that, it is important to study the character and education of a Maremma. Good socialisation and education is important for any breed, but there is a difference between a 2 kg Chihuahua dog or a male Maremma of +60 kg...


As already mentioned in the chapter  "Character", a Maremma is a independent dogs with poor recall. Every command you give, your Maremma will question : "is this command necessary for me to follow" ? Most of the time, he will think it's not 😉. This does not mean you cannot teach your Maremma ... if there is a mutual respect, your dog will be happy to sit, lie down and possibly come when called. This is, of course, when no other important destractions are in order. 


Anorher thing about the Maremma breed is that, when guarding his flock (and that would be you, your family and every living creature in your household), he can be rather vocal. Excessive barking is rather common in this breed. Can you teach him not to do this ? Maybe, but you should wonder if this is fair to the dog : after all, he is just doing his job, protecting everything he loves ! 

I found that after I learned that a Maremma is a guardian and provides the alarm, my job as the shepherd is to react and investigate, then advise and calm my Maremma. It reduced the barking, cause he doesn't have to keep repeating the alarm. 


So, food for thought ... ! And if you, after considering all the above, decide to get a Maremma and you are willing to put effort in his upbringing and education, I can assure you, you will have a very special companion for life !